Driven by a passion for the future of the Agri Products industry and qualified by over 30 years of financial leadership in the sector, After Snowflake is well positioned to assist clients at any stage, from initiation to ongoing evaluation, in the following areas:

  • Industry Vision
    • Identifying industry trends
    • Assessing impact and significance of trends
    • Conducting competitive analysis
    • Evaluating current conditions and opportunities
  • Financial Analysis and Capital Planning
    • Advising on financing of business ventures and viability assessment
    • Establishing financing models and value chains
    • Analyzing financials and cash-flow planning
    • Guiding commercialization of emerging products/projects/models
  • Business Focus
    • Determining value propositions
    • Developing business models and scope of value chain participation
    • Delivering against the business models
  • Business Leadership
    • Facilitating governance strategies and corporate planning
    • Developing corporate policy
    • Providing skills assessments and succession planning
    • Board participation

We work closely with clients in determining and developing the most viable and focussed results, addressing near and longer-term goals.