Profile - Robert A. Funk

“Just because you're in the driver's seat doesn't mean you have to run people over.”

– R. Pausch

Focused on working closely with clients on achieving their business objectives, Bob operates with a direct and fair approach coupled with an eagerness that helps foster success. After Snowflake Inc. is anchored by these same attributes.

Born and raised on a mixed farm in Snowflake, Manitoba, Bob learned the ways of the land, the guidelines for his strong work ethic and the absolute importance of the human factor associated with agriculture business. After leaving Snowflake, Bob's passion for the world of agriculture led him to pursue a formal education in Agricultural Economics, followed by American Bankers Association School of Agri-Finance and Banking where he was awarded as Outstanding Scholar.

Through progressively more senior career assignments with one of Canada's leading financial institutions, Bob gained expertise and thorough knowledge of agriculture and agribusiness management. His responsibilities included the profitable development of all aspects of the multi-billion dollar agri-food business line.

Bob has a long-standing record of industry involvement leadership roles. Historical highlights of his significant contributions include:

  • Alberta Government Task Force: Alberta Farm Credit Stability Program development team member
  • Atlantic Agricultural Lenders School: Design and Planning Group member
  • Committee to Standardize Agricultural Accounting / Reporting Practices in Canada: member
  • Olds Agricultural College: Agriculture Business - Finance Program curriculum planning and development member

Bob continues to demonstrate public and private sector leadership in finance, marketing management and consulting. Committed to achieving results through teamwork, he works with clients by applying a bottom- line focus and concentration on immediate as well as long term client needs.

Agriculture Industry Involvement

  • Industry Leadership
    • Canadian Bankers Association
      • International Agricultural Finance Conference: 2010 conference Canadian lead; past Chair of the first conference held in Canada in 2000
      • National Agriculture Advisory Group: member; past Chair
    • Canadian Agricultural Marketing Association: past Vice President Finance
    • American Bankers Association: Graduate School Advisory Board member; Education Committee past member
  • Boards
    • George Morris Centre: Chair of the Board - only independent agricultural policy think tank in Canada
    • Canadian Gold Beef: two years as a Board member
    • Canadian Agri - Marketing Association: five years, two as Vice-President Finance
    • Canadian 4-H Council: seven years, two years on Executive Committee
  • Memberships
    • Agriculture Institute of Canada / Ontario Institute of Agrologists
    • Canadian Agri - Marketing Association (CAMA): member