What We Do

After Snowflake Inc. provides integrated consulting services to the Agri-Products industry. Clients benefit by drawing on decades of recognized insight, knowledge and leading experience in:

  • Industry situation and trends – helping clients understand, assess and incorporate knowledge into plans
  • Financial analysis and capital planning – insight in assessing resources and planning growth
  • Business strategy – applying relevant marketplace knowledge
  • Leadership development – identifying opportunities and building your team

Our capabilities address the needs of varied stakeholders within the agriculture industry, including:

  • Producers
  • Suppliers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Industry Associations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Government  (Provincial and Federal)

Our offerings are further complimented by our recognized strength in addressing a wide range of industry members in a variety of venues, from speaking engagements at conferences to facilitating negotiations with disparate stakeholders around a boardroom table. In all instances, we fairly consider our audiences and the interests of those involved.

With practical tactics developed for each specific mandate, we work closely with clients, providing thoughtful and considered approaches to further business objectives. Our focus is to ensure the goals of our clients are achieved with immediate impact and strengthened with long-standing sustainability.